Family Planning

Family Planning

Pregnancy is indeed a life-changing experience, and during this time, you will face extreme mental and physical changes. Family planning helps the couples have the desired number of kids and determine the ideal intervals between pregnancies. It is achieved by the use of various fertility treatments and contraceptive methods.

At our family planning clinic in Toowoomba, our team provides access to the best contraceptive methods to women and couples and supports their health. Book an appointment with our expert medical practitioners at Hooper Medical Centre if you want to discuss family planning and know-how to attain a healthy family.

Our Family Planning Services Include


Preventing Pregnancy Health Risks

A woman’s desire to choose if and when to become pregnant directly impacts her health and well-being. The family planning services from Hooper Medical Centre allow spacing of pregnancies and the ways to delay the pregnancies in young mothers who have risks of various health issues and death from childbearing. This service prevents unintended pregnancies too. Our services enable women to take control over their pregnancy and avoid unintended pregnancies. Family planning helps lowering down the need for unsafe abortion.


Reducing Adolescent Pregnancy

Pregnant adolescents are likely to have preterm or poor birth-weight babies. The babies who are born to adolescents have a high rate of neonatal mortality. This has a long-term effect on the individuals, their families, and the overall community.


Reducing Infant Mortality

At our family planning clinic, we help prevent closely spaced and wrong-time pregnancies and pre-births that generally contribute to the highest mortality rates among infants. Infant mothers sometimes die while giving birth to premature babies.

We offer the best family planning consultation and advice. To book an appointment at Hooper Medical Centre, call us now!