Interpreter Services

Interpreter Services

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It is crucial that you receive clear and correct information about your healthcare. That information needs to be provided in a way that you understand and comprehend. Suppose you are from a culturally different background and have difficulties hearing, speaking or understanding the English language. In that case, you have a range of support options depending on your specific needs.

At Hooper Medical Centre, our private medical practitioners access the Free Interpreting Service to provide medical services to Medicare cardholders. In some cases, they might be a cost involved. Our interpreter services aim to provide equitable access to critical medical services for people with little or no English language proficiency.


Why is it necessary to use an interpreter?

In any healthcare setting where communication is imperative, health practitioners have to rely on professional health care interpreters for patients and families that are not fluent in spoken English or patients with impaired hearing ability. It helps them understand their care process much easier and simpler and, most notably, in their language.


Why do medical practitioners use interpreters?

Australia is known for its rich cultural diversity. The 2016 census explored that Australians were born in almost 200 countries and spoke more than 300 languages.

Medical practitioners can use credentialed interpreters to communicate complex or technical medical information to patients with little to no English language proficiency. This is to help ensure accuracy of communication, eliminate conflict, reduce confusion, save time, and protect healthcare practitioners from professional risk. Using an interpreter service is essential when:
• seeking informed consent
• dealing with complexity
• dealing with patients in a crisis
• assessing patient competence


If you have difficulty speaking or understanding English, contact us for medical support and the necessary translation and interpretation. Our services at Hooper Medical Centre will ensure that you get the proper support and assistance of an expert who speaks your language and helps you understand, including assistance to comprehend all documented communication. Call us now at 07 4613 0500.