Get vaccinated from Hooper Medical Centre for peace of mind

Immunisation is a safe and helpful way of protecting people against potentially deadly diseases. Immunisation not only protects people from a disease but also helps reduce the spread of preventable diseases.
Vaccinations are essential for strengthening your immune system so that it can fight against bacteria and viruses. To protect you and your family from diseases, getting vaccinated at the right time is essential.
Hooper Medical Centre is a leading medical service provider. Our highly-esteem staff are ready to provide you with the care you deserve. Whether you are travelling or looking for childhood immunisation services, we are here to help! Our medical practitioner will recommend the suitable vaccine you need depending on your age, health, lifestyle, and profession.


Immunisation is an effective way to ensure protection against harmful diseases

A comprehensive vaccination service is available to all children and families at Hooper Medical Centre. We believe that routine vaccinations are an effective measure in fighting diseases. Our vaccination services are comprised of specialist paediatricians and experienced nurses.
Our highly experienced medical staff are knowledgeable enough to provide advice and education regarding current immunisation recommendations.

We provide an all-inclusive vaccination service for:

• children with complex immunisation needs, those whose high-risk medical conditions need customised immunisation plans
• children who have experienced or at high risk of an adverse event following vaccination
• children with severe needle phobia or those who are not able to get vaccinated
• vaccine-hesitant families that need education and further advice
• travel consultation and vaccinations for children and families

If you want to discover more about the different vaccination plans and facilities available, consult our team or talk to us at 07 4613 0500.