ECC (Electrocardiogram)

ECG tests

Crafting better care for patients with heart diseases with ECG heart tests

At Hooper Medical Centre, we bring together quality personnel, the best technology, and the latest techniques to ensure that every case we treat gets the best possible medical attention. We provide an all-inclusive cardiology service that includes ECG heart test in Toowoomba. We will respond instantly to your needs with priority service for urgent patients and quality assistance.

We are entirely committed to understanding and fulfilling the needs of our patients so that we constantly provide a caring and professional medical service beyond your expectations. Moreover, all our practices use modern cardiovascular equipment, technology and processes to ensure diagnostic accuracy.

Why opt for an ECG Test with us?

We believe care should be focused on patients as individuals, not the condition. Medical attention and care should be available when you need it most. They should be crafted to help you get the best health outcomes possible. This is the vision we believe in here at Hooper Medical Centre.

We work hard to develop a detailed understanding of your specific needs to create the right care plan for you. Whether you are being treated for cancer, heart disease or sleep disorders, we understand your needs and provide the proper assistance.

Our core values are:

Being a leading Electrocardiogram heart test centre in Australia, we value:

  • Excellence: Obtaining excellent results in clinical care and research
  • Effective communication: Addressing patients’ medical needs and concerns while ensuring the benefits of available medical care
  • Dedication: Prioritising patients’ needs, providing affordable care by encouraging them to participate in the decision making
  • Integrity: Executing honest interactions and ethical conduct of research in the field of medicine

We offer cardiac tests to help you monitor your heart’s performance. If you have cardiac-related symptoms, make sure that you book your appointment with us today.