General Check-Ups

General Check-Ups

General Health Check Up in Toowoomba

At Hooper Medical Centre, our main objective as General Practitioners is to take care of your health and overall well-being. We aim to identify the significant health issues before they become a substantial issue for your body. We aim to educate our patients and advise them for a general health checkup regularly. Make it a regular practice to opt for such screenings, even when you do not have any specific health problems. Our team can monitor your health and suggest necessary changes after several tests, physical examinations, and investigations.

No matter your age, gender, and fitness level, a whole-body general health checkup is crucial for all. This health screening helps prevent many health problems, which means that it will help you lead a healthier, happier, and longer life.

Try to carry on the health checkups with the same doctor who generally diagnoses you to maintain a trusted relationship between the two of you. This also helps the doctor to provide a comprehensive assessment from the previous till the current checkup reports.

Types of Health Check-Up’s To Expect At Various Ages

Children Health Check-Ups

• Measuring the weight and height of newborns
• Newborn baby blood tests to check the metabolic and genetic disorders
• Childhood immunisations
• Regular childhood health checks for assessing overall health like eyesight, sleeping habits, learning ability, language, and physical development

 Health Check-Ups for the 20s-30s

• Blood pressure
• Health weight assessment
• Cholesterol and glucose levels
• Sexual health screening
• Testes examination
• Pap smear test and pelvic test
• Skin cancer check

 Health Check-up for the 40s

• Eye check
• Health assessment for chronic diseases
• Breast checks
• Health assessment for type 2 diabetes
• Prostate check

Health checks above the 50s

Health checkups are a must when patients are above their 50s age bracket. Some of the additional health checks include but are not limited to;
• Breast checks and mammograms
• Bone density scan
• Faecal occult blood test
• Hearing assessment

At Hooper Medical Centre, we offer the best healthcare to you and your family. Our general practitioners believe in bringing a change in the way you lead life. Call us at – 07 4613 0500 or book online now.