Spirometry: Get The Right Diagnosis Through A Lung Function Test

Spirometry is a Pulmonary Function Test PFT, a noninvasive procedure to collect important information about whether the lungs are working correctly.It is a diagnostic test that is short, simple, and there is no risk involved.

Why do spirometry?

A spirometry treatment in Toowoomba can be used to diagnose asthma, COPD, and cystic fibrosis.

The test is used to diagnose the condition of the lungs, including:
• Asthma: The long-term inflammation, narrowing and swelling of the airways
• Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD): A number of lung conditions that cause the airways to become narrow, leaving the patient with trouble breathing
• Cystic fibrosis: It is a hereditary condition in which the digestive organs and lungs become clogged with mucus
• Pulmonary fibrosis: The condition refers to the accumulation of scar tissue in the lungs, which leads to poor oxygenation

A doctor will use spirometry to evaluate a patient’s progress as part of treatment for chronic lung disease. It determines the impact of any medication, including how they are controlling the lung condition.
Previous or current smokers as well as people more than 40 years of age should be tested. People exposed to substances detrimental to the lungs in their workplace should consider checking their pulmonary health.

Why are lung function tests necessary in the diagnosis and treatment of COPD?

Lung function tests help in diagnosing COPD. They measure how well a patient can breathe in and breathe out. They can also show how well oxygen enters the body and how much air you have in the lungs. Your doctor will ask you some questions about the symptoms you are having.

Preparation for the test

Being aware of what is involved in a spirometry test can help you prepare for the test.


A spirometry test typically takes about 45 minutes. Sometimes, it can take longer.


Spirometry is usually done at a hospital as an outpatient procedure. An overnight hospital stay may be recommended if the test is part of a more detailed procedure, such as lung surgery.

Spirometry is performed by a skilled pulmonary function technician or a therapist.

What to wear?

Since you will need to take deep breaths, consider wearing loose-fitting clothing that will not restrict your breathing. Do not wear a belt or clothing that is tight around your waist or chest.

Food, drink, and medications

Some preparation is needed before undergoing a spirometry test. However, your doctor may suggest you to:
• Eat lightly: If your stomach is full, because it is harder to take deep breaths when you are full, and you may end up vomiting while having the test

• Avoid alcohol before the test: If you have alcohol in your system, it can cause you to have trouble breathing
• Check that your medications will not interfere with the test: Certain drugs may affect breathing. Avoid short-acting inhalers six hours before testing unless you need them. Report the same as you arrive for the test.

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