How Often Should You Go for A Full Body Checkup in Toowoomba?

It is wise to take precautions to prevent illness than to have to treat it. Opting for a complete body checkup in Toowoomba can help you learn more about your health.

Routine evaluation of your risk factors for various medical conditions, your lifestyle habits assessment helps you stay healthy, reducing the risk of getting caught with chronic or life-threatening diseases.

How often should an adult get a complete body checkup?

The frequency of routine health checkups depends on the patient’s age, risk factors, and current health conditions.
While opinions may vary, routine health checkups are generally recommended as follows:
• Once every three years, if you are under 50 and in good health
• Once a year, if you have turned 50

If you have a chronic illness like diabetes or COPD, you should visit your doctor more frequently, no matter the age.

What are the benefits of regular full-body checkups?

Regular checkups can benefit your health in several ways. Some of the key advantages are:
• Finding potentially life-threatening diseases early before they lead to significant complications
• Early treatment increases the odds of getting better
• Regular assessment of existing health issues lowers the risk of severe complications
• Staying up-to-date on vaccinations reduces the chance of catching a disease
• You learn new ways to live a healthy, longer life


What to expect when you have a complete body checkup?

When you visit your physician for a routine health checkup, you will be taken to the exam room. The doctor will:
• Check your blood pressure and vital signs
• Ask about changes (if any) in your medical or surgical history since your last visit
• Verify your health history, allergies, medications, and lifestyle choices
• Ask if you need any medication refill
• Do screening assessments for alcohol use or clinical depression

The doctor will then review the information in your medical record and ask questions based on the gathered information. They may provide counselling on lifestyle choices and findings from screening assessments.
Your doctor will perform a thorough and complete full-body exam. This usually includes:
• Examining your body for unusual growths
• Feeling the abdomen and other parts of the body to check the location, consistency, size, and tenderness of your internal organs
• Listening to your lungs, heart, and intestines with a stethoscope
• If you are a woman between the age of 21 and 65, your doctor may perform a Pap Smear during the physical exam
• Depending on the age, health risks, and current health conditions, your doctor may perform other exams

After the full-body checkup, your doctor will communicate their findings with you and let you know if you need additional tests or treatments. They will also recommend medications if you need any.

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