What do you know about Peyronie’s Disease in Men?

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Peyronie’s disease is the syndrome observed in patients having a bent penis due to connective tissue disorders, and it is more common than you have ever thought of. This disease might cause painful erections and make it impossible for men to get involved in physical relationships. There are various reasons for this particular man’s health issue, including trauma, genetic issues, and stress. If you are suffering by this disease or you know someone who is suffering from the same, visiting a nearby men’s health clinic in Toowoomba is better.

What Do You Understand by Peyronie’s Disease?
As said earlier, it is an issue that happens to men, and they suffer from a bent penis. It is the connective tissue problem that gives rise to the development of fibrous plaques that is often caused due to scar tissue in the penis. The scar tissue generally creates an abnormal bent that looks similar to a penis. Generally, the curvature of the penis typically gives rise to erection, and the pressure of the surrounding tissues causes it. But the bend in the tissue cause painful erections.

What Are the Symptoms of Peyronie’s Disease?
The symptoms of this issue might come and go or develop slowly. The pain usually reduces with time, but the shape or curvature of the penis might not change. Over time, men develop erectile dysfunction and other health issues. Some of the common symptoms that are developed include-
● Pain- men experience sharp or mild pain in the penis during the time of erection. In some cases, men might experience pain even without an erection. The pain can lead to inflammation of fibrotic plaque too.
● Shortening of Penis- this health issue can result in a noticeable decrease in the size of the penis. Due to the shrinkage of the penis, patients might choose surgery which is a good step to diagnose this health problem.
● Scar in the penis- The feeling of the Scar Tissue the tissue is not visible; however, it is palpable under the skin of the penis as the bulging of hard tissue or lump. It is one of the common signs that men suffer when they have Peyronie’s Disease.
● Obvious Bend in the Penis- this Peyronie’s Disease might cause a change in the overall shape of a penis. It might either point upwards or downwards in direction. The curve or bend is due to extra skin or plaques under the penis’s skin.
● Erectile Dysfunction- It is the incapability of men to retain the erection so that the stiffness is maintained for long.

How Peyronie’s Disease Does Affect Overall Life?
Men who suffer from Peyronie’s Disease almost begin to experience negative effects on their confidence, enjoyment in sex life, and also lack of self-esteem. This health issue also causes depression in men. It will ultimately lead to anxiety and fear during sexual activities.

Men often find this condition disgraceful and frustrating. However, they can consult with the doctor in the earlier stages to get resolved soon. Want to visit a health clinic in Toowoomba? Hooper Medical is the best option. To book appointments, visit the official site.