Why Should Men Visit a Health Clinic for Check-up at Regular Intervals?

Men's Health Clinic

Regular check-ups and tests ensure your well-being and good health. This also helps you to identify early signs of health issues and fix them in time. Depending on your age and lifestyle, a few tests you should do. For that, you need to visit a reputable men’s health clinic in Toowoomba.

General Health Check-ups are Crucial

It makes sense to have general health check-ups even if you think you are healthy. This is because many diseases can take a long time to develop; regular health check-ups help you identify early signs. Your general healthcare practitioner will perform the examination. You will need to make an appointment.

During the Check-up, Your Doctor will:

• check for current health problems
• assess the risk of developing health problems in the future
• evaluate your lifestyle
• check whether you need any vaccination

If you have a high risk of having a disease, your doctor may suggest the best way to reduce the risk.

Skin Cancer Check

Doctors advise that one should check their skin for any changes every three months. If you notice changes in your skin, it is better to make an appointment as soon as possible. Moreover, with the dust, pollution and dirt all around in our surroundings, it is quite likely that your skin may develop certain issues. Do not leave them unattended and consult a phyisician if you feel some of those are repetitive.

Heart Health Check-ups

Every man should have a heart check once every two years after the age of 45. Your general physician will ask questions about your current lifestyle and family, followed by a blood pressure check. You might also be suggested a blood cholesterol test by your doctor.

Weight Check

Having obesity is the determining factor for a number of health conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and more. If you have concerns about your weight, feel free to ask your doctor to check your waist measurement and BMI every two years. Some people also tend to ignore diet which becomes an integral cause behind the obesity of individuals. Keeping a check on it under the supervision of your physician can help you maintain a standard and appropriate body weight according to your age and height.

Diabetes Check

Depending on the risk level, you may need to get a fasting blood sugar test every one to three years to check if you have diabetes. You might have a risk for Diabetes Type II if you:
• have a family member with Diabetes Type II
• are over 45
• are not physically active

Consider having a diabetes test every year if you are pre-diabetic.

Prostate check

If you are over 50 or have a family member who has had prostate cancer, be sure to discuss prostate cancer screening with your general physician. He may suggest an annual screening blood test. Then, based on the blood test results and your family medical history, your doctor may refer you to a specialist for further tests.

Testicle checks

From puberty onwards, check yourself regularly for any unusual lumps in your testicles. If you notice anything strange, speak to your doctor as soon as you can. There are several issues that often go ignored and later turn out to be fatal or the early warning signs of some severe medical issues. Hence, it is always best to get yourself checked regularly to stay fit and healthy.

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